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More Vermont Sourdough..

I blame the starter, it wanted to bake, it was begging me to use it. I hadn’t planned on baking more of the same this week.

I made one of the variations on the Vermont sourdoughs the Mellow Bakers are working on this month;  the one with increased wholegrain. I had some wholemeal flour from Melin Llynnon, a restored Welsh windmill on Angelsey which,  ‘ was known as ‘Môn Mam Cymru’, the ’Mother of Wales’ or ‘The Breadbasket of Wales’  because of its capacity to produce wheat and bread flour in great abundance.’ I also used a little spelt and rye to create a good mix of grain.

One day I would like to tour around all the working mills, large and small that are left in England and Wales.  Anyone like to join me?   Like some people dream about bee keeping, I dream about a mill :)

Quick dough notes:  I used a lot more water than the recipe gives as the flours were very thirsty,  and I  added a small pinch of commercial yeast needing to bake the loaf mid-afternoon.  This gained me about an hour and might have helped aerate the loaf a little more.

A small portion of baker’s yeast, up to 0.2 percent can be added to a levain dough without any noticeable changes in the bread’s sourdough characteristics. This small amount of yeast will have a slight impact on fermentation and dough volume.    Jeffrey Hamelman. Bread P. 152

The bread had a really hot full bake and the crust is a little scorched, but we enjoy a rich dark crust;  Chewy, smoky and nutty with a sweet, well risen middle and an interesting texture from the coarse particles of bran speckling the crumb.   This goes on my bake again list!