Car pollution or volcanic dust?

Bristol City from Ashton Court yesterday

No planes still today…..

We went out this evening to see the sun set.  The sky is noticeably empty of contrails, incredible! This is the best my little Lumix can do. We’ll take a bigger camera out tomorrow.

I sent this photo to Les Cowley at Atmospheric Optics and he has included it here! :)

6 thoughts on “Car pollution or volcanic dust?

  1. GillthePainter

    cough cough!
    I wonder if Cheltenham is like that.

    If I go up Cleeve Hill, I can usually see a smog cloud overhanging the Chelt valley. I wonder if it’s worsened.

    Invisible within, from down here where we live, Joanna.

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      It’s going to be a beautiful evening. The Doctor has saved the Earth again, there is a new master race of multi coloured Daleks, dinner is nearly ready. I am so easily pleased :) Though why he can’t do something about this volcano I just don’t know Celia!

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