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Apple blossom at last!

The ‘family’ apple tree.

Three different grafts on one rootstock. Ideal for a small garden, etc etc….

Egremont Russet, one of my favourite apples plus Fiesta (red Pippin cox style apple)  and Sunset (a dessert apple)  all on one tree! Trouble free so far, had loads of fruit last year too!
Here are the first blossoms on each graft.

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Car pollution or volcanic dust?

Bristol City from Ashton Court yesterday

No planes still today…..

We went out this evening to see the sun set.  The sky is noticeably empty of contrails, incredible! This is the best my little Lumix can do. We’ll take a bigger camera out tomorrow.

I sent this photo to Les Cowley at Atmospheric Optics and he has included it here! :)