Pullman Bread tin from Mora

Look at my French pullman tin, which came all the way from Mora in Paris with Mike at Easter time. A long story involving old french francs and what to do with them…many thanks to Yolande too! I would love to go shopping there :)

Here it is having its first outing. It made a huge 1.5 kilo loaf of bread!

and here is the result. I think I had a bit too much dough as I got four little rabbit ears in the corners, but it worked beautifully. Once in a while I get tired of all those slashes and  organic forms and crave corners :)


14th Jan 2011: The pullman tin has another outing in this post Pain de Mie and Melba Toast. Less dough in the tin this time!

10 thoughts on “Pullman Bread tin from Mora

  1. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

    Goodness, what a straight, crisp loaf! Oddly enough, I’ve been craving corners too. And jaffles. But I’ve lost my jaffle iron, and I don’t bake bread the right shape to go into one anymore, so I can’t justify buying a new one. Sigh. Does that make sense? :)

        1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

          Celia, Got it! :) I can make the unsealed version in my toaster as I have a holder thingy that you drop into the slot! But they’re not the same as the ones you mean. I think they’re just called toasted sandwiches here or ‘toasties’ but I like your name more! :)

          Ah memories of burning your mouth on molten cheese and scalding tomato :) I just read that wiki article, I have all the facts now, Breville, Australian invention, and apparently in 2005 45 percent of Brits had one lying unused somewhere in their home. They should pop one in the post to you I reckon!

  2. Suelle

    You definitely need corners for neat & tidy sandwiches, but you also need to be able to slice the bread thinly and evenly. Have you mastered that yet? LOL! ;-)

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      …slice the bread thinly and evenly….

      Hi Suelle! Evenly yes, thinly no :) Well not this bread, I can slice a mature well behaved sourdough super thin though! This bread was a bit bouncy and squishy when I sliced it.

      I use it for morning toast mostly. Today smothered in labneh and last year’s damson jam…mmmmm

  3. sallybr

    For years I’ve been bravely resisting buying one of these… :-)

    But I’m sure they are fun to use, and indeed, sometimes we all crave corners….

  4. Choclette

    As an every day, corners are jolly useful – they make good sandwiches and go in the toaster But, although this loaf looks good, it really doesn’t look quite as feisty as your other breads.

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      I agree totally :) I have only used a pullman a couple of times, they are good for vollkornbrots too! It’s not my everyday tin, I tend to make rounds or ovals or baguettes
      or just ordinary open top tinned loaves, more like a traditional english loaf. The challenge of the pullman is knowing how much dough to put in and when to close the lid! It’s kind of fun to do
      but I prefer a russet toned crust with cracks and splits in it.

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