PPS Wild garlic in The Observer today…

Just a quickie for those of you still picking wild garlic around the country

Nigel Slater in The Observer today has recipes for wild garlic, nettles and dandelions.

His roast lamb with wild garlic butter sounds particularly delicious!

But it might have to wait till another time…..

…..for a quick lunch today, wild garlic pesto, yoghurt (labneh)  cheese, grilled chorizo, penne pasta all on the table in twenty minutes.  Not quite pot noodle but almost as quick!

Wild garlic pesto made with wild garlic, olive oil, sunflowerseeds and a bit of grated cheddar –

12 thoughts on “PPS Wild garlic in The Observer today…

  1. steve

    Wow, that really looks tasty!

    I wonder if that is the same thing that we call wild onion grass. To me, it always smelled more like garlic than onions. Two years ago, but this time of year, I was camping by a river bank in a huge patch of this stuff; on a whim, I chopped some of the tops like chives and added it to the morning eggs. The puppies and I loved it!

  2. Choclette

    Ooh – fast food at it’s best – this looks so scrumilious. Very interested now in Ulrike’s dandelion ice-cream.

  3. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    I love cooking with garlic shoots too but our garlic is about six months off! Do you grow rocket (arugula) Celia? That makes a mean pesto too! I have to get some sown this week.

      1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

        I wonder if yours is different from ours, the stuff I grow in the garden is light and peppery when young, though it does get bitter if it gets too old ?

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