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Chickpea, Butternut and Harissa Bliss


Photo : Joanna @ Zeb Bakes taken on an iPad edited using Snapseed.

Nigel Slater published a lovely trio of recipes in yesterday’s Observer. I was half way to making a different dish, but the ingredient oracle spoke, saying, “Verily (how did it know my name, I wonder?) I say unto you, you have all the ingredients for this dish in the house, and therefore shall ye make it.”

So it was made – absolutely delicious grub, the sort of food that makes me wonder why I am not a proper vegetarian. Continue reading

Nigel Slater’s Frosted Orange Marmalade Cake

Nigel Slater's Frosted Orange Marmalade Cake I wasn’t going to do a post for this but Choclette has commented on the photo, I didn’t know you could do that.. it was just a photo that I put on Twitter today that is uploaded to my blog library. How many drizzly cakes does anyone want to see in one day after all? But here is the other cake. I like the taste and texture of this one much more than the one in the Bundt tin. Continue reading

PPS Wild garlic in The Observer today…

Just a quickie for those of you still picking wild garlic around the country

Nigel Slater in The Observer today has recipes for wild garlic, nettles and dandelions.

His roast lamb with wild garlic butter sounds particularly delicious!

But it might have to wait till another time…..

…..for a quick lunch today, wild garlic pesto, yoghurt (labneh)  cheese, grilled chorizo, penne pasta all on the table in twenty minutes.  Not quite pot noodle but almost as quick!

Wild garlic pesto made with wild garlic, olive oil, sunflowerseeds and a bit of grated cheddar –