Bread – Jeffrey Hamelman – Errata sheet

Just a quick info post for anyone who owns a copy and/or  bakes from the wonderful ‘Bread’ by Jeffrey Hamelman.

Paul  who organizes the Mellow Bakers  (and has this  great blog Yumarama Bread ) has been in contact with JH and has been given this errata information to distribute.

So if you want to update your book then pop over to Mellow Bakers and download the update, courtesy of Mr Hamelman!   And if you are thinking about buying this book, make sure you ask which print run it is and get the latest one :)

Here is a pdf with a list of the breads in ‘Bread” available from Amazon. This book is not easy to find on the shelves of english bookstores so I hope it’s ok to put this here and doesn’t break any copyright rules. There are also chapters on decorative bread making and all you could want to know about braiding breads.  Great reference book. Nuff said.

List of breads in “Bread” by Jeffrey Hamelman

7 thoughts on “Bread – Jeffrey Hamelman – Errata sheet

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      The recipes are set out with three different sets of figures for each recipe US lbs and Metric (commercial numbers) and Home Bakers in lbs and oz
      It is a great book, but maybe more than you need – though come to think of it you might be just the person to take on the challenge of the decorative dough work in the back of the book, you any good at weaving ? :)

      There is another book by an American author which I almost threw in the bin it is so full of errors. I blame the publishers myself!

  1. GillthePainter

    Is there baguettes in the book Joanna?
    I haven’t bought it yet, but I would rather like another page turner in the bread department.
    I’ve only got 2 books.

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Yes, there’s baguettes! There are breads made with yeasted preferments, levain (sourdough) breads, a chapter on sourdough rye breads, straight doughs, miscellaneous breads, braiding techniques and decorative and display (!) projects. Hang on I will put a pdf of the index which lists all the breads in the book in the post above…..

  2. GillthePainter

    that looks like a super book.
    I’ve just placed my order Joanna, so I can participate with you.

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