A Daydream of my Dad’s

I am sad to realise that my Dad’s hopes of being asked to form a new government by the Queen have been dashed once again.  It was one of his favourite daydreams that, disgusted by the choice on offer to her, she would turn elsewhere and somehow mysteriously alight on him as the obvious candidate.

He would be sitting at home after a hard day’s work, having had his evening meal, perhaps reading a broadsheet, and the phone would ring. The house would go quiet, and our eyes would open wide as we realised what was happening  –  then with a calm smile and a slight air of triumph, he would say, “I have to go to the Palace.”

She could do worse….. :)

What daydreams do your parents have?

6 thoughts on “A Daydream of my Dad’s

  1. Choclette

    Well I wish he had got in – I’m sure he deserves to have his dreams fulfilled and might do us all a favour in the process. My mother has always wanted to win loads of money (who doesn’t) so that she could buy up the valley she lives in to protect the existing wooded slopes and to create woodland on the farmed slopes and to create public rights of way through the valley – it hasn’t panned out yet!

  2. spiceandmore

    How sweet – I love it!!
    I will have to ask my parents about their daydream fantasies the next time I see them….

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