Blueberry Choc Chip Cookies by Dan Lepard

A cookie before bedtime

I never make cookies. I don’t drink milk, so no cookies. On the other hand, I can always be persuaded to try something new. Or I like to think so. As Celia, Suelle and Jacqueline had all made these and said they were great, I found myself making cookies at 9 pm tonight.

I used dried cranberries and raisins instead of blueberries or sour cherries which are the fruits Dan wrote in the recipe  but I didn’t have those and I did have cranberries….. (why were they in the cupboard? Who knows, they were relieved to get out of there that’s for sure)…. and some raisins and some milk choc chips and I confess I cooked them a bit hot as I misread the temperature instructions.  So they are a little browner maybe than they are supposed to be and a bit crisper, but you know what I don’t care, because they are cookies and they are mine and they are delicious and use wholemeal flour and brown sugar and are still a delight, so what’s not to love about them? Tell me if you can.

Edit Feb 2012 : If you feel tempted the recipe is still on the Guardian’s website, it is no longer available on Dan’s website however,which is where I linked to originally,  so you can’t see all the photos of my friends’ cookies anymore.

By the way I forgot to ask…. what’s your favourite cookie?  I think mine is straight choc chip or english shortbread biscuits, or maybe ginger nuts, or maybe dark chocolate digestives….but these are pretty tasty and easy to customize to suit!

13 thoughts on “Blueberry Choc Chip Cookies by Dan Lepard

  1. heidiannie

    I resisted Celia’s cookies because I was playing around with the bacon. But I’m going to make these cookies- thanks for sharing the recipe.
    (btw- I tried your google method and was pleasantly surprised to see that there are so many people on a journey out there that my pictures only show up on a couple of the 42 pages of images! Thanks for the idea.)

  2. Suelle

    These look good, Joanna!

    It always amazes me that the same recipe can produce such different looking end results.

  3. Charlightandark

    Hi! I’m going to make these as soon as possible. Can’t wait!
    See you soon,
    love to Z and L,
    Lily (not Charlotte) xxx

  4. Lynne

    Warning…I think you might be heading for the dangerous track that leads to making extra big cookies because they are for breakfast…and justifying them as good for you because of the oats and fruit….even nicer with a nice thick yoghurt and a bit of honey drizzled on top…just to get the protein content up you understand ! I did not make cookies until I started to use Dan’s recipes either…………..they look lovely..

  5. C

    They look great Joanna – it’s a really good recipe isn’t it! And wholemeal flour must make them good for you!

  6. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    Lynne, I am on the road to ruin having cookies for breakfast :)
    C, I saw your cookies yesterday, another winner isn’t it?
    Brydie, there should be a better more inclusive word, – Anyone got any suggestions. Cookie Bakerhood ? I dunno. Whoops, I am really not supposed to be here. I’ve switched my computer off, and this is Brian’s and he’s gone out….

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