Mark’s Bread – Bedminster, Bristol


Mark's Bread

Lovely still warm overnight breads from Mark's Bread, Bedminster, Bristol


World Bread Day 2010 (submission date October 16)
I was going to bake something today for World Bread Day but as we drove through Bedminster I saw that Mark’s Bread was open and I remember Zorra said we could write about a bread we bought and a bakery we like and I liked this one very much indeed.

Usually I drive past this tiny independent breadmaker’s premises late at night and the shutters are down. I live on the other side of the city and he delivers his bread locally by bicycle. I wish he would deliver it up here where I live.

The window was crammed full of ryes and walnut breads, there was dough being worked on on the counter and Mark was round the corner loading his ovens.

We were on our way for a walk, so we had a couple of his delicious croissants and bought an overnight white bloomer and a pointy ended baguette made with a poolish which had a hint of rye in it. Brian likes all white bread but I adored this baguette particularly.  A couple of mini lemon cakes hopped into the bag as well.

One woodland walk later with a sidetrack to get some organic veg, fresh eggs and goats milk ricotta from  nearby Leigh Court Farm and we came home to have today’s fresh eggs poached on Mark’s beautiful bread for our lunch.

Mark gets my vote for the best yeasted bread I have bought in Bristol this year!  Long ferments, use of pre-ferments and my favourite Shipton Mill flours, airy crumbs and gorgeous crusts, full of flavour, well baked, not much more to say when bread is this good.

I will go back to sample the beautiful looking ryes and sourdoughs soon.

…Now to work out how to get those pointy ends on my bread… and to send this post to Zorra.

Happy World Bread Day to all  hard working bakers everywhere -I hope you have a good night’s sleep tonight!

8 thoughts on “Mark’s Bread – Bedminster, Bristol

  1. heidi

    Love that bread- and the cakes.
    I had no idea there was a World Bread Day.
    EVERYDAY should be bread day by my reckoning.

  2. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous slashing on that overnight white bloomer. I’m in awe, I love the even fan of the bread as it sprung in the oven. We used to have a resto here which had the sharpest, pointiest baguettes I’d ever seen. I remember often stabbing myself on them! Amazing stuff. :)

  3. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    @ Brydie, Between Mark’s Bakery and us is the Avon Gorge and some steep, steep hills! :)

    @ Heidi, I think it is a sort of blogging event, there are so many of these around, though maybe it goes a bit wider than that I’m not entirely sure. I agree every day can be a bread day :)

    @ Celia, hee hee I avoid the points too, or give them to Zeb who is very keen on white bread :)

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