Hedgerow Tales

Do you remember I picked all those sloes and bullaces and a few damsons in the autumn? And had my first go at making sloe gin?  Did I tell you that after making two jars of that someone who lives in my house said he didn’t like gin and could we do some with vodka? I really can’t remember what I told you…

Anyway he did just that and said he would label the jars….

And to cut a long story shot this was the scene in our kitchen a couple of nights ago…we think the ones on the right were the vodka, but we couldn’t be sure – and just to confuse things a little further I decided to take the vanilla beans out of the vanilla essence at the same time…. it all ended well and we have labelled the whole lot as Hedgerow tipple.

cue theme tune to The Good Life

14 thoughts on “Hedgerow Tales

  1. cityhippyfarmgirl

    I think Enid Blyton would have approved of your Hedgerow Tipple. Probably teamed it up with a tongue sandwich or two, (to be had only at midnight of course.)
    I think they sound decidedly appealing, gin or vodka.

  2. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    Didn’t know Enid was a boozer Brydie… tongue sarnies sounds like so the wrong thing that it might just work :)

    I don’t remember what we did Celia…. no no of course we didn’t! Delicious yes, headache inducing, also yes. :)

    That was the problem Doc, it all tasted very similar, two lots were sweeter than the other two. We had to keep tasting them and we couldn’t make our minds up. It tastes of darkest middle Europe on a cold day in the mid forties, a brew of sugar and dark plum essences, a hint of something medicinal in there, probably the cyanide. But you know what are absolutely fabulous, the damsons themselves, not sweet at all, but something like those strange Polish chocolates the ones with prunes in the middle stuffed with soft chocolate cream and wrapped in hard chocolate on the outside. Well you did ask…

    1. cityhippyfarmgirl

      Tongue sarnies sound horrendous, but they are still are something I always associate with her writing. She must have liked a tipple. How how else would she have got all those stories out other wise? :-) (Hedgerow Tales included!)

      1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

        Penny dropped ! I confess I never read Enid Blyton. My sister was a fan of the Famous Five though, she cried when EB died, ‘No more stories’ she wept.

          1. cityhippyfarmgirl

            Right, my Enid Blyton comment must have seemed a little left field then :-) Hedgerow Tales I think was some of her earlier stuff.
            I grew up on her.
            Sorry- waffled enough. Back to drinking your tipple!

            1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

              Please waffle on…the more waffle the merrier…. Enid has many fans, she just didn’t capture me, though I am sure I read a FF or two somewhere in my travels round the library. I am safe from the tipple now it really did get bottled up and put away in a dark and spidery corner of the garage to come out next winter….

      1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

        You think you were confused… ? No, the vanilla extract stayed quite separate, it just came out of the garage at the same time – I suddenly thought maybe I am supposed to take the beans out of the vodka, having read your vanilla sugar making post.… I am sure Timmy the dog would have made a better job of sorting this out, and would have been able to tell his vodka from his gin by smell ;)

        It’s all back in the garage now by the way and the sozzled damsons that I rescued, are in the freezer, awaiting further instructions. The sloes were not palatable so have gone in the recycling. I wonder what your chooks would have made of them, hee hee.

        I think we have sloe gin x 2 and damson vodka x 1 and a mixed batch of berries in… really not sure…. so 4 lots

    2. drfugawe

      Hey, not a problem on my end – as you know, I’m a maximalist blogger!

      I would love a Damson plum – and I live in a plum climate – but I fear that what I can buy as a Damson plum tree here would not be what is known as a Damson in Europe – I already have sev trees that are ‘mislabeled’.

  3. heidi

    It all sounds rather boozy and wonderful to me!
    I can’t think of a better tasting party on a cold day- even without the tongue sandwiches.
    I think I’d prefer pate on your Melba toast!

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