Snow on Adelsö

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By way of contrast, winter is still alive and well in many parts of the world. My aunt has sent me these pictures to remind me of that this morning! 

On Adelsö on Lake Malaren (Sweden) where Barbara lives, there is a landscape of blue skies and white snow. She doesn’t expect to see the grass re-appear till the end of this month.

Barbara was one of the most important people who started me off making my own bread. A few years ago she was staying with us here and we went off on a mission to buy fresh yeast and a mixer and then spent a happy afternoon making bread together. As you may have noticed, a lot of bread has been made since then…

Barbara also makes jams, marmalades and elderflower cordial. She has an ancient orchard of morello and eating cherries from which she makes the best cherry jam in the world and a wonderful cherry pan cake as well as growing tomatoes and other vegetables in the long warm days of a Swedish summer.

She weaves and reads, teaches cookery, is passionate about good food and when it all gets just a bit too much, escapes the winter to New Zealand or Thailand for a winter break.

If you have any questions about Swedish cooking or life in Sweden please ask her and I’m sure she’d love to reply.

Hej Barbara! What is the first flower to bloom in your garden? I’m guessing it’s one of these that you sent me last Spring…

7 thoughts on “Snow on Adelsö

  1. Barbara

    Yes, you are right, and we are all longing to see them again! Most of the anenomes used to be blue – these are only natural varieties in my garden.
    Now going to do some baking.

  2. bagnidilucca

    I’m sure living with snow long term would become a little tiresome, but it does look good.

  3. Mariana

    I would love to spend an afternoon with Barbara. Maybe two. I think I’d tire her out with all my questions about making preserves. Her life sounds charmed.

  4. heidi

    The snow DOES not look good to me- but I loved the vignette of your baking sessions with your aunt. I taught my nieces to bake bread-but none of them are really into it, yet. (OK- the snow is actually quite pretty in Sweden on your aunt’s island of Adelso.)

  5. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    Celia, the islands are indeed picturesque with their red houses and dark forests and lakes, and very easy going places to spend happy weeks, especially in the summer!

    Debra, snow is so pretty when the sun is on it, I agree!

    Mariana I’m sure you would find lots to talk about with Barbara too! Thanks :D

    Hi Heidi this post is a bit ‘coals to Newcastle’ isn’t it? I thought it might give you and Abby and all the snowbound Americans who drop in a feeling of solidarity with Europe. :D

    I like looking at snow, I just get tired of navigating it when it has melted and refrozen for the umpteenth time which is what tends to happen here.

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