The extra pictures

These are the ones that should have gone in the post yesterday, only I hadn’t taken them till after I wrote the post. Some of the blossom is from my neighbours’ gardens and I have included a shot of a thatched cottage on the High Street. The plum blossom is alongside the big field in Badocks Wood.

Please do identify the blossoms if you know them, to me one pink flower on a twiggy tree is not always easy! ( I think I know mahonia, forsythia, cherry and the magnolia stellata is in my garden.)

As you can see the sun didn’t quite make it through the clouds but I think today might be the day. Have a lovely weekend ! (Brian took the magnolia pic on his Canon G10).

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PS If anyone is curious about the history of the thatched cottage at 166 Henleaze Road, Google books has The Henleaze Book by Veronica Bowerman and you can read about the cottage on Page 32. (There is a lovely photo of it being rethatched included there too) What is  striking about Henleaze is that much of it was farmland and large houses until comparatively recently, a good example of the way cities develop, taking in more and more land for housing as their populations grow; the local quarries have become a children’s play park and a swimming lake.

21 thoughts on “The extra pictures

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      They’re a bit rough and ready, but just gives you the idea of where we are at right now :D The green flower is a hellebore also known as a Christmas rose, the dark one is the same family. They come in shades of white, green, dark reds/purples, slate blue, speckled sometimes. Very useful in a winter garden in a temperate climate.

  1. cityhippyfarmgirl

    Joanna the pictures of the flowers are beautiful but the thatched roof… I think I would definitely know that I wasn’t in Kansas any longer if I saw that! How lovely….I wonder what changes Kevin Mc Cloud would make to it…

      1. Veronica Bowerman

        Hi Joanna
        The thatched cottage at 166 Henleaze Road is a listed building (Grade 2) as surmised by you.
        Kind regards
        Veronica Bowerman (compiler of The Henleaze Book)

  2. Jeannette

    Lovely pictures, your blossom is further on than ours being more southerly. I love, love , love your hellebores! One of my favourite flowers!

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      They take a long time to increase, but finally the red one has a few proper flowers, three years to get this far. The green ones are more prolific and have self sown in the gravel garden. Like you I love them… The blossom has only appeared in the last few days, I am sure yours won’t be too far behind. I love the thought of waves of blossom spreading up the country :D

  3. Yvette

    Beautiful flowing photo’s. I went back and read “Burning away the clouds”. How peaceful and soothing. The awakening of Spring and new birth is a joyous time. Yvette x

  4. bagnidilucca

    Beautiful – hellebores grow like mad here under the trees on my walk up the hill – just the green ones, but they are very pretty. My Italian friend Dome loves them but can’t say the name hellebore. Italians don’t have words beginning with “h” and have great difficulty with them, just as I have great difficulty rolling my “rs” without much concentration.

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      So how do Italians say it? elleboro, or something like that, from what I remember of my school Italian, guessing wildly here…

      By the way I’ve added the url of your blog to the bit where you comment so that if people want to visit your blog they just have to click where it says bagnidilucca above. I hope that is OK :D

  5. Barbara

    Oh, I am so envious! The snow still on the ground, temperature around zero, and just a little sun mixed with rain! Your great nephew Elliot here just now, agrees with my envy. Not even the snowdrops are to be seen!
    But spring will come!

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      It will come and I hope to see you in April sweetheart! When April with her sweet showers has pierced the drought of March to the roots…

      – it’s very dry here right now, dusty and bright today, with a haze over the city from the top of the hill, I am sure there will be a frost tonight, brrr.

  6. drfugawe

    We’re not far behind your blooms, maybe a week. My next bloom project post won’t be for a week or so, since I’m under the weather, and our forecast is for a week of rain (I can’t take flower pics in the rain.).

    That little bird has his eye on you – watch your manners now.

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Look forward to seeing your camera in action again when you’re feeling better Doc dear. We could do with a little good Oregon rain here, just a little! Flower pictures just after it has rained and with a little sun to highlight the raindrops are lovely though! Take it easy my friend :D

  7. heidi

    I am so excited seeing your pictures.
    This winter has been especially brutal. And even in eastern Virginia the reign of Winter is still in force. I had hoped for some daffodils or crocus to be blooming. Sadly-
    I love hellebores as well, and yours look so fresh- the trees and the buds- OH MY- I must stop commenting- I yearn for GREEN!

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Don’t stop commenting – it’s always lovely to hear from you. I’m glad you like the pictures. We walked round Westonbirt this morning and there was hardly a bud anyway, a little forsythia, the carpets of anenomes and so on under the trees are waiting for warmer days to come. Only 4 C today – I think that’s about 40 F. I’ve just made some made-up liver pate with a huge piece of lamb’s liver I found in the freezer. Onions, garlic, creme fraiche, breadcrumbs, a splash of sherry, a spoonful of apple and rowan jelly, salt and pepper, fresh parsley and thyme and a little streaky bacon too. It’s chilling in the fridge and I’m supposed to be making pitta bread to go with it. I sound industrious but really I want to climb back onto the sofa with the Saturday Guardian and eat biscuits and drink tea….. :)

  8. Veronica Bowerman

    Dear Joanna

    What lovely photographs you have on your website. I have enjoyed looking at them. Keep them coming!
    Kind regards
    Veronica (Compiler of The Henleaze Book)

    1. Joanna Post author

      Hello Veronica! That is very kind of you and thank you for visiting me, I have a copy of your book here at home and it is a wonderful source of information and old photographs. Thank you!

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