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The extra pictures

These are the ones that should have gone in the post yesterday, only I hadn’t taken them till after I wrote the post. Some of the blossom is from my neighbours’ gardens and I have included a shot of a thatched cottage on the High Street. The plum blossom is alongside the big field in Badocks Wood.

Please do identify the blossoms if you know them, to me one pink flower on a twiggy tree is not always easy! ( I think I know mahonia, forsythia, cherry and the magnolia stellata is in my garden.)

As you can see the sun didn’t quite make it through the clouds but I think today might be the day. Have a lovely weekend ! (Brian took the magnolia pic on his Canon G10).

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PS If anyone is curious about the history of the thatched cottage at 166 Henleaze Road, Google books has The Henleaze Book by Veronica Bowerman and you can read about the cottage on Page 32. (There is a lovely photo of it being rethatched included there too) What is  striking about Henleaze is that much of it was farmland and large houses until comparatively recently, a good example of the way cities develop, taking in more and more land for housing as their populations grow; the local quarries have become a children’s play park and a swimming lake.