Friday’s Frittata

A simple Frittata made by Brian using cooked potatoes, smoked salmon,  mushrooms, courgettes – infinitely variable to suit what you have in the house and what you like to eat. We didn’t put any cheese in this one, though they are very good with crumbled fetta cheese and dill – might make another one tonight come to think of it.

Use a pan that you can put in the oven. This is a cast iron one about 10 inches across.

Brian’s Friday Frittata

  • 8 medium eggs
  • 1 medium onion, chopped and softened by cooking in a tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • 1 large clove of finely chopped garlic also softened along with the onion
  • and
  • 50 g of courgette sticks (julienne style) also in with the onion
  • 100 g of smoked salmon chopped up
  • 150 grams of cooked new potatoes with their skins on, sliced
  • 100 g of chestnut sliced chestnut mushrooms (go in raw)
  • salt and pepper to taste

Heat the oven to 180 C about Gas Mark 4.

Beat eggs lightly with a fork in a bowl and season to taste. Then set aside while you…

…Chop onions, garlic and courgettes and cook for a few minutes on a low heat till soft but not coloured in a little vegetable oil in your pan.

Tip the cooked veggies,  uncooked veggies, salmon bits etc into the egg mixture and mix in gently.

Return to the hob and cook on a low heat without messing about with it so that the bottom is set and the top still wet and eggy looking.

Then pop it in the oven to finish cooking. Some people put them under the grill which might be easier and give a browner top. Remember to use oven gloves to take this out and move it about!

You want to leave the middle just a touch runny as it will carry on cooking after you take it out. If you are very anxious about eggs then cook it till you are happy of course.

Serves 4

What do you put in your Frittata?

33 thoughts on “Friday’s Frittata

  1. underthebluegumtree

    Yum! I love a good frittata and that one looks gorgeous. My favourite is chorizo, goat’s cheese, potatoes and red onion marmalade – either all together or various combinations thereof.

  2. Misky

    I just boiled up a few potatoes this morning so I can declare them as leftovers. :) I’m making this for lunch today (Mr Misk is home nowadays; semi-retired), so it will make a lovely meal. Thank you!

  3. zazaseacow

    i love your suggestion dear!
    i like also this recipe (zucchini, onion, tomatoes in egg & feta) on that i ‘ve prepared it a couple of times! visit the link & translate the page in english. the aroma due to the abundant addition of fresh mint leaves makes all the outstanding difference! I usually sprinkle the zucchini slices with chopped fresh mint + oregano + thyme + crushed dried coriander seeds(optional), lemon zest, salt+pepper and then i mix them well in a large baking dish spread. the recipe calls for use of 350 gr of feta cheese; i ‘ve also tried other cheese varieties such as camembert, brie, kerrygold cheddar etc. nice! have my love! gina :)

    1. Joanna Post author

      When the sun comes out in the kitchen Charlie, I always look for something to photograph (opportunist blogger that I am) .

  4. sallybr

    Haven t made a frittata in 20 years! Not even sure why, since I love it! I never added smoked salmon but really like the idea.

    Good use for a cast iton pan I just bought on ebay. ;-)

    1. Joanna Post author

      Good use for cast iron pan – absolutely – as is tarte tatin, though I am not brilliant at those, but I like the idea of them :)

  5. gillthepainter

    I’m an omelette flipper – but I think when it goes in the oven it can be a lot fluffier.

  6. Brenda Greaves

    I put in whatever is available in the fridge. Made one on my return from Greece on Wednesday night, cold & wet and needing comfort food, that one had onion, tomato and cheese (spotted the pachetta too late) :-)

  7. heidi

    Frittata,mmm! I add a good crusty bread, chopped up link sausage, onions, mushrooms, and red sweet peppers. I haven’t made one for a good long while. Thanks for the reminder, Brian and Joanna!

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  9. drfugawe

    I’ll bet when you finished your first slice of this, you and Brian looked at each other and said (in unison), ‘Why don’t we make this more often?’

  10. Cas

    We call this meal “Fridge bottom omlette” :) it is how we use up any random leftovers.The only things I regularly add not mentioned so far are a few frozen peas I use the grill not oven as it is quicker and I never seem to get the timing right in the oven. Great with a crisp salad.

    1. Joanna Post author

      I like the idea of the peas going in there, we had tomato and onion salad with it this time. I will try the grill next time and see if it comes out differently :)

      1. Joanna Post author

        Nice to hear from you Claire – we both tend to start from what’s in the fridge and then work out our meals from there :)

  11. Barbara Bamber | justasmidgen

    I read about this Frittata and so glad I came over to see it.. you’ve got me thinking it’s time to soon make one, I’ve got everything in the fridge to cook for dinner.. and this one the next night would be perfect!!

  12. Jan

    Hello Joanna, your frittata looks like pure comfort food plus it’s a great vehicle for leftovers, given a bit of zhoosh with the smoked salmon. We’re in need of comfort food at the moment because Peter’s unwell and chronically sleep deprived so I’m thinking a dose of Brian’s Frit might be good medicine. I’ve just been catching up with your posts. I loved the one about Baddocks Wood, I love the name, it’s so – what – story-bookish? The wood itself sounds like a very peaceful and meditative place and it’s nice to know people are in charge of caring for it. How surprising to think of a stream with a leak in it, I do hope it can be fixed. Where my parents used to live in West Sussex there was a walking path through woods which had actually been a railway line and I so enjoyed ambling along it spying all the little things in the undergrowth and noting the seasonal changes.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Surreally Jan, I was just looking through my spam, and for some reason this reply to your kind message was trapped in there. (don’t ask me why, so time has moved on but this is the reply that I thought I left you )
      Hi Jan, so sorry to hear Peter is unwell, hope you’re bearing up and glad to hear my increasingly eccentric blog efforts give you some distraction. I am back in Cockermouth this week and I might take a walk along the paved over railway line here and see if I can take some pics. Excellent use for old lines. I had a medium disastrous moment when I attempted to make a couple of small loaves of sourdough for Dad yesterday and the tray I was baking on was too small so they flowed together and melded. But I am sure it will eat fine and that’s what counts! Sending love back xx Jo.

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