13 thoughts on “Under the Corn Exchange, Ledbury

    1. Joanna Post author

      Greggs seems to be on every High Street, ancient and modern, they sell hot baked goods and are very inexpensive. Did you like their hats and shopping trolleys? it was such a cold day and they looked like they sat there chatting away for hours. I am very fond of the lady on the right’s hat with its curly twiddle on top.

      1. Ann

        Yes that is a great hat! I rather like the lady in black – so regal. Was it pension day or something? The people in the background are old too. The woman in the red coat must have been freezing with no hat on.

        1. Joanna Post author

          Most people get their pension paid direct these days here Ann. I think we are just an aging population, this was around 11 30 am so the time of day when you might go out to shop if you were retired. They were waiting for the bus.

  1. Cas

    Love the photo, they make them hardy in Ledbury! I don’t think I could sit still outdoors at present, hat or no hat.

    I was wondering how Zeb is, last time I dropped into your blog he was not very well?

    1. Joanna Post author

      We hopped straight into the Market House Cafe for coffee and cake, certainly wouldn’t catch me sitting around last week. Thanks for asking Cas, Zeb is pretty good again and we are being extra careful where we leave things that might be of ‘interest’. :)

  2. Jan

    Oh I love that ‘waiting for the bus’ photo. Opposite our office window there is a bus stop with a seat and I often see elderly people sitting there; it makes me think of Waiting for Godot. By the way, I like reading your drivel, and I’m quite good at it myself, when the notion takes me to wherever it will – just can’t remember where I left the blessed notion or will, do you suppose that’s what the elderly ‘girl’ in Brian’s photo is saying? I suspect the one in the twiddly hat!

    1. Joanna Post author

      I think they knew each other, maybe they wait there every week together; all chatting away with great animation. I have some other photos from that day, I should put them up so you can see a bit more of Ledbury and its magnificent Corn Exchange. My blog has once again lost its way but thank you for reading and chatting to me Jan xx

      1. Jan

        Well, I’ll trot along beside. I would love to see more of Ledbury and the Corn Exchange.

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