“The gist. It’s always the gist, isn’t it? We’re left with so little to go on. Only the present is full enough to seem complete, and even that is an optical illusion. The moment is bleeding off the page. We live on the precipice of our perceptions. At the edge of every living instant, the world shears away like a cliff of ice into the sea of what is forgotten.”
Ivan Vladislavic
from Double Negative 

11 thoughts on “Only The Present is Full Enough to Seem Complete

    1. Joanna Post author

      Hi Sally, I just ordered up a copy of the novel ‘Double Negative’ this quote comes from. I want to read real books again – having not read much for such a long time!

      Edit : That wasn’t much of a reply was it? I can’t take credit for the quote, but yes, I have an inkling of what you mean x

  1. drfugawe

    Thank you, dear one – I used to wonder at Einstein’s concept that time and space are one – but I now am more comfortable with it – I think that mortal man is not capable of comprehending such things – we are only privy to the illusions which mask them – and no one can make sense out of illusions.

    But it is good to be reminded of our frailties now and then.

    1. Joanna Post author

      I love writing like this, I find it both calming and exhillarating if that makes sense. I always wonder how one would manage in the everyday if one thought like this all the time; now and then is all I can manage too Doc. Thankyou for your thoughts as always.

  2. Jan

    Indeed I feel as if time itself is bleeding off the page. This is the kind of writing that would have me peppering a book with Celia’s book darts. Yesterday I was in a waiting room reading your last post (ironic term) about your beautiful garlic pesto and inhaling the photos so that when it came to having not only knives (one small one – but I like to go for effect) but needles too in my back, I held those beautiful cool, green pictures in my mind. I love, what I think of, as ‘thunder clap’ writing such as you’ve quoted. I too haven’t been able to read anything of substance for a long time, just skimmed , wafted and touched through pages. “Living on the precipice of perceptions” is terrifying because the world could sheer away into an unfriendly sea, but it’s frustratingly tantalising at the same time. Do you suppose thinking counts as an extreme sport?

    1. Joanna Post author

      Hi Jan, I have sent you a little email just now. Time and perception are some of the great mysteries and maybe we aren’t equipped to deal with them, but we can certainly try once in a while. The reading thing is also a bit of a puzzle but I have been practising by re-reading old stories that I like where I know the ending, so if I don’t finish the book, I have already finished the book, sneaky of me! Thank you for reading my ‘last post’ too, I am glad you liked the garlic banks, I can’t really get their full glowing loveliness onto the blog, it fuzzes them all slightly, I think I do better with close ups and I have some that I will make a little post with soon. xx Joanna

      1. Jan

        That’s exactly what I’ve been doing! re-reading books that I’m comfortable with.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Thank you, that is a bluebell in the woods, one of the flowers that they say will vanish with global warming. Sweet scents and oh so blue when you see them en masse !

  3. chocveg

    Yes. Even living in the moment – how long can that moment last? How long will those clouds maintain their beauty? How long before I wonder if I am driving into rain and leaving them behind? How long is a even a moment?
    (no reply required!) x

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