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Nigel Slater’s Frosted Orange Marmalade Cake

Nigel Slater's Frosted Orange Marmalade Cake I wasn’t going to do a post for this but Choclette has commented on the photo, I didn’t know you could do that.. it was just a photo that I put on Twitter today that is uploaded to my blog library. How many drizzly cakes does anyone want to see in one day after all? But here is the other cake. I like the taste and texture of this one much more than the one in the Bundt tin. Continue reading

We are all cyborgs now

We are all cyborgs now: Amber Case on

Oh just experimenting, I thought the little film would show up, but it’s only a link. Don’t mind me.  Kept coming across this thing called TED in my cyborg travels. Going through my cyborg adolescence. Bear with me, as they say at the call centres. Watch it if you’re curious, or don’t. Too much stuff out there on the internet anyway. TED appears to be a stack of inspirational talks, not sure what the background is, not sure if I’m that interested, but there might be some good stuff there and I might go back and finish listening to that one I have linked to above sometime. But you know, unlike when you are stuck in a real lecture hall and it is an effort to get out of there, the people you have to ask to move, the wet raincoats, falling over people’s bags, that feeling you’re being watched by everyone as you inch the door open and escape, well that doesn’t apply here,  does it? Thank goodness.

When I started this blog as Zeb, I meditated long and hard on my mantra.’ On the Internet noone knows you’re a dog.’  Which reminds me I really should have a New Yorker subscription again.

There used to be this cod psychology thing; the one that goes, there are your three selves, How I see myself;  how others see me;  how I’d like others to see me – do I now have to consider how the net sees me? Perish the thought. I’m real, but I’m not so sure about you…or variations on that theme… anyway as I said, that’s enough of all that.

Here’s a nice picture of a blackbird taking a bath in the garden, in the smallest bird bath in town. He knew I was watching him through the window, but he went on and splashed away anyway. Is that a metaphor? Could be. Have a great weekend everyone!

My first bath since the temperatures came up above freezing!