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O is for..

O is for… Obscure Objects Of Desire

I wrote a post about Fiori di Sicilia a while ago in which my intention was two fold: one to poke fun at myself for wanting all these strange bits of kit to play around with; and secondly to say thank you to Bakery Bits who managed to get hold of nearly all of them.

I am aware that by writing about these objects it probably encourages people to want them too even if I am making fun of myself.

So what do I do ? Do I write about them or do I pretend that I don’t enjoy the searching and thinking about these things, I think I will just continue to write about them, it’s all part of the fun of having baking as an interest after all.

Chocveg asked me if I had pictures of the presses I included in the lame post. So today I made a quick batch of dough and got them out and put them to work, all for you Choc!

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