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Chocolate Mint Pecan Brownies from David Liebovitz

Chocolate After Eight Brownies David Liebovitz

This one caught my eye and held it long enough for me to print out the recipe, scan the ingredients, and pick up a box of After Eights when I went out to get the Saturday papers yesterday. (The flowering plant is a ‘false’ forget-me-not or Brunnera macrophylla – Jack Frost in case you’re wondering.) Continue reading

Celia’s Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Thank you Celia once again!

Celia, the chocolate expert at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial has written a perfect post on the perfect brownie here.

I love making cakes in a saucepan, takes the stress out of it somehow :)

This is a fantastic and simple recipe from David Liebovitz’s Room for Dessert, beautifully explained by Celia with how to do it photos,  so get over there and say hi and download her pdf on how to do it.

I used Co-op Fair Trade dark chocolate which has less cacao in it than my regular dark chocolate, 48 % as opposed to my usual 70-80 % and it worked brilliantly.  Tips like that make all the difference sometimes. It’s worth buying chocolate as close as you can get to that specified if you want a similar result.

I used a mixture of nuts, brazils, walnuts and almonds as I had run out of hazelnuts which are to my mind the best nuts for this. I might make the all chocolate version next time! And there will definitely be a next time.

The top has that lovely cracked contrasting colour look that I associate with good brownies, the middle is moist without being liquid, not cakey, the best brownies I have made in a long while :)

Now to put on the kettle and have a cup of coffee and test them again…

Keep one for me!