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More Hot Cross Buns..

Here are this year’s hot cross buns!

This year I decided to make the ones from ‘How to Make Bread’ by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou. This is such a pretty book, with beautiful step by step photos and clear easy to follow recipes, a good model for anyone aspiring to write a bread book.

I didn’t really need another bread book but it was a want and if you visit Ray’s blog you can see some of the lovely breads that Ray is making from it, which is why I was tempted to buy it. The book gives quantities in grams and in cups, which is useful for those who prefer cups* and has a good range and selection of breads to make and I am looking forward to trying a few more of the recipes soon. Got to be more adventurous with my books! Continue reading

Blessings and a chat on Skype

This Easter Sunday got up
early, couldn’t sleep
people staying, dogs needing walk
I was out and down the woods
no one about
Birds singing their little hearts out
Wild garlic and bluebells dancing
in the cool of the morning
Wren whizzes past
Great tits shout
Back and organize breakfast
Drag toaster outside
Eat, kiss, exchange chocolates,
wave goodbye
Skype with my Dad 300 miles away
with my autistic brother
that’s a first and it went extraordinarily well
We were amazed and overjoyed
I don’t need to quit doing anything
I just need to do more of the right stuff!

Blessings on you all. Cherish others
and the rest will take care of itself.