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Food Bloggers Unplugged & In My Kitchen

I’m very bad at playing along with these things but this looked like an easy one, so here we go.  I am attempting to cover two memes in one post. Sneaky, I know. Thanks to C of cakecrumbsandcooking for inviting me to play and here’s some pics for an In My Kitchen post for Celia.

that should of course be Meaux not Meau (rush rush typos)

What, or who inspired you to start a blog?

I’m afraid Celia of Figjamandlimecordial is entirely to blame for Zebbakes and Sally of the Bewitching Kitchen aided and abetted her in getting Zebbakes off the ground and onto the net.

The New Yorker Magazine in iPad form is in my kitchen with a fantastic foodie edition this week

Who is your foodie inspiration?

My younger sister Tutak who read cookery books from a very young age, taught herself to cook and has always inspired me with her knowledge, creativity and hospitality. I find that people who care about food, care about all sorts of other stuff as well and are wonderful to know and spend time with.

A surprise gift from SincerelyEmily of handmade soaps and a beautiful card

NB Emily’s post on making lavender soap can be read here!

Your greasiest, batter – splattered food/drink book is?

My most falling apart book is Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman because I’ve been baking my way through it. My copy of Florence Greenberg’s Jewish Cookery has recently gone up North but had some very interesting stains on it prior to departure. I don’t really cook from books much, though I have lots of them.

Organic oranges for making candied peel, a persimmon, a new mini wok and Eleon's greek olive oil

Tell us all about the best thing you have ever eaten in another country, where was it, what was it?

Baby lamb souvlaki at a roadstop on the Corinth canal, doused in lemon juice and oregano, age 16, escaped from school cruise round the Mediterannean.

Very taken with this cold pressed rapeseed oil, the smoked and the white truffle varieties particularly delicious!

Another food bloggers table you’d like to eat at is?

All of them! Anyone who cares enough about food to write and take photographs of what they eat would be fun to be with. I can mention my best bloggy friends but I always find that a bit like girls at school clustering together at break time and someone always feels left out so I am not playing this one.

Fresh Yeast from the Bread Store on The Gloucester Road

What is the one kitchen gadget you would ask Santa for this year (money no object of course)?

Mother of Vinegar doing its thing in the fermentation bucket

I’d like a Komo grain mill please Santa, a copper bowl for eggwhites and a set of top quality knives.

Guess who has decided to flower after all this time?

Who taught you how to cook?

Tutak again. Simon Michaels  of the Wild Yeast Bakery started me off on the bread journey after a visit from Aunt Barbara one winter when we made bread together leaving me wanting to know more.

I’m coming to you for dinner what’s your signature dish?

I don’t have one of those. But tell me what you would like and I’ll have a go at making it, unless it involves foams and so on. I’m a very basic sort of cook. Roast chicken, hasselback potatoes, spring greens, home made gravy, apple crumble for afters, will that do?

What is your guilty food pleasure?

Do we have to feel guilty about eating? I think it’s all pleasure if it’s good food. Occasionally I will eat rubbish but there is no point in beating myself up about it. OK – I will tell you…. Crisps, cheese and onion, smoky bacon, cheap crisps, expensive crisps, I love crisps!

Reveal something about yourself that others would be surprised to learn?

I always try to get Brian to turn cakes out of tins, it goes wrong when I do it. He does so much of the cooking in this house that it really should be called Brian Bakes. He’s a great cook!

I know that at this point I am supposed to tag five other people and say, now it’s your turn, but I would be more than happy for anyone who feels like it to carry this one on, I can’t choose between people, so if you feel like having a go please do!

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