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A Slice of Bread

Sourdough bread with yoghurt cheese, italian figjam, zaatar

But which loaf did it come from?

I haven’t got a lot to say right now. I had a very busy weekend and worries on my mind once more. But this post is meant to invoke the sunshine gods to return to the UK so that we can have a bit more outside time. It’s been pouring all day, I’m doing tax stuff, which involves lots of shouting and gnashing of teeth, mostly my own. And, as anyone who is a procrastinator like me will know, it suddenly becomes extremely important to write a blog post, or look at your photos, or leap onto Twitter or do almost anything rather than the task at hand. Or eat a slice of bread and jam…

What are your favourite ways to avoid doing the stuff that you have told yourself you should be doing?

Falafel with Fava Beans and Chickpeas

Fava bean falafel

This is my small contribution to the falafel making discussions.  I have till now, only ever either made a packet mix one or bought someone else’s and re-heated them.  I have read many posts and people saying sadly that their falafel fell apart and what was the secret, so I have been reading and asking a little and Lynne has been making them too and I think between us we are establishing some clues…. Continue reading

Making Good use of Oven Space – Breadbox

Zeb Bakes Bread

I am often asked if I repeat the breads I bake and the answer is that of course I do, but just as no two days are the same, no two breads that I bake are ever quite the same, I’m a home baker after all!

We have favourites and variations on themes so this is what I am going to call a Breadbox post, it will probably have a bread I’ve blogged about before but these posts will have nice pics ( I hope) of those and any half baked thoughts that are floating around in my head. Continue reading