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There was no bread…

… in the house this morning, so Brian took action and mixed up some of his favourite Toast dough and I threw it into the tins and now it is cooling.

Hamelman Toast Bread

In the meantime I am building a stiff levain to start on the Pain au Levains breads for Mellow Bakers for April by converting my 100% starter to one with a 60% hydration. So 10 grams of the original starter plus 24 grams water and 40 grams flour. That’s about as close as I’ll get without ‘A’ level maths. Tonight I will mix the starters proper for the recipe. If you click on the link above you will see Geraint’s beauteous breads, he’s set the benchmark pretty high with those.

stiff levainLooking forward to seeing how they turn out. But for now –  thank heavens for toast!