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Cheese and Leek Toasties

Leeks and Cheese on Kefir Toast3

Inspired by Heidi’s comment about grilled cheese sandwiches  on the cheese and pickle post, I rifled through Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Vegetable book and found a lovely  simple recipe for cheese and leeks on toast which I have customized slightly to use up half a red pepper as well as my leeks. It is the sort of book that if you are an experienced cook and a vegetarian you probably know most of the methods and techniques in it already,  but I like it for its simple layout and clear straightforward recipes. I think, going by this article I just found, HFW is very fond of cheese on toast. Lots more of his ideas here of things to put on toast : – Posh cheese on toast recipes.

Leeks and Cheese on Kefir Toast2

As I was making vegetable soup anyway and sweating leeks, I borrowed a couple of spoonfuls of the leeks from the early stages of the soup to make this treat. I am going to make it again today as we have lots of leeks in our vegetable box this week.

Leeks and Cheese on Kefir Toast4

Pepper and Leek Cheese on Toast for Two

  • 1 medium leek
  • Half a red pepper (capiscum)
  • 50g of favourite cheese
  • 3 spoonfuls of half fat creme fraiche
  • salt and pepper
  • Thyme or favourite herbs
  • Two chunky slices of favourite bread – here I used my kefir date bread with sesame seed crust

Leeks and Cheese on Kefir Toast1

  1. Sweat the sliced leeks and pepper in a little butter or stock on a low heat
  2. Grate cheese and put to one side
  3. Once leeks and peppers are soft and glistening lower the heat
  4. Slice some bread and toast lightly and put the grill on
  5. Add the creme fraiche and mix in
  6. Add about three quarters of the grated cheese and stir well
  7. Season to taste, add thyme
  8. Pile onto warmed bread and divide the remaining cheese between the two slices
  9. Pop under hot grill and cook till bubbly and browning
  10. Eat!

There was no bread…

… in the house this morning, so Brian took action and mixed up some of his favourite Toast dough and I threw it into the tins and now it is cooling.

Hamelman Toast Bread

In the meantime I am building a stiff levain to start on the Pain au Levains breads for Mellow Bakers for April by converting my 100% starter to one with a 60% hydration. So 10 grams of the original starter plus 24 grams water and 40 grams flour. That’s about as close as I’ll get without ‘A’ level maths. Tonight I will mix the starters proper for the recipe. If you click on the link above you will see Geraint’s beauteous breads, he’s set the benchmark pretty high with those.

stiff levainLooking forward to seeing how they turn out. But for now –  thank heavens for toast!

Dan Lepard’s Easy White Bread by Brian

Brian baked some bread this week.  He selected this recipe of Dan Lepard’s which has the beguiling title of ‘Easy White Bread’.

It made fantastic crunchy toast,  topped with home made blackberry and apple jelly and Seville marmalade; plus the bonus of the first morning sunshine in two weeks. I could eat toast like this every day for a month. Who needs anything else?

Edit : Maybe a trip to the Marmalade Festival….

Dan Lepard's Easy White Bread