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Ottolenghi’s One-Pan Wonder and Suelle’s Chocolate Pear Pudding

ottolenghi in the Guardian Tidying up the living room today I found a carefully torn out page from the Guardian from July 24 2010. We loved the idea of dinner made with one pot, so Brian decided to make it.  We had lots of little tomatoes, potatoes, all the ingredients and we wanted a meat-less meal so The New Vegetarian scored again!

Brian says, you do need a second pot to roast the tomatoes, though I suppose at a pinch you could cook the tomatoes first and put them to one side and then carry on.  If I was camping this might be the sort of dish that I could just about put together outdoors. I’m not very good at camping though.

It’s a lovely supper dish and has those gorgeous Ottolenghi flavours, yoghurt, lemon, sumac, chili and tahini all cooked with a generous quantity of olive oil and I could eat it again really soon.

ottolenghi tomato tahini eggs potatoes

The method of cooking the eggs, on top of a base of pan cooked potatoes and onions reminds me a little of baked egg dishes, it worked pretty well and even though it stuck a little to the pan, there wasn’t any left over!

We followed it up by re-heating Suelle’s scrummy pear and chocolate pudding cake that I made on Tuesday and having it with yet more pears which I had poached in vanilla syrup, something I learnt from Azelia’s Kitchen which is in fact where I am popping back soon as she has a whole collection of fabulous dessert recipes for pears!

chocolate pear pudding mainly bakingWe like pudding in this house, but we don’t have it very often, so it was great to have this to re-heat. I think we put too much of the chocolate pieces in the middle of the cake, so it ran in a rather nice gooey fashion everywhere.

There are still lots of pears sitting neatly wrapped up in the garage.  I will have to speed up and make some more puddings with them!

Concorde pear