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More Groupie activity…this time Instagram!

I am incredibly late to this party, but it is so easy. You have no idea of the number of half-realised blog posts that emerge in my mind and never make it up here.

 Instagram makes it all too easy to share images from the day with anyone who is around. Great fun and very easy to play with and somehow the format seems to make the relatively poor quality of the iPad2 photos look quite respectable!

I have put a link that I hope will work in the sidebar so you can see these images full size and any comments. Join in if you feel like it…. what are you all up to this weekend? I might drag Brian out to hunt for waxwings… they are supposed to be everywhere right now and they are the prettiest birds!

Edit: July 2013 I gave up on Instagram a while back and deleted my account. One day I might try again but in the meantime it is all too much for me :)

Dogs, birds breads, dogs, food, plants, toads.....

Dogs, birds breads, dogs, food, plants, toads…..

Have a good weekend everyone, don’t work too hard and enjoy the moment !