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Rhubarb and White Chocolate Custard Muffins

Pink rhubarb and white chocolate muffin

These brighten up the gloomiest December afternoon! And they are very quick to make after all those complicated Christmas recipes.

The other day Lloyds the Greengrocers had pale pink rhubarb on sale and I bought a little to make an oat and nut crumble. Then my thoughts turned to muffins – surely I could spare 100 g for a batch of muffins?

The recipe is in  Diana Bonaparte’s Mad about Muffins, I used a little less butter, a bit more custard, the addition of white chocolate and shock horror – ready made Alpro soya custard. 

Once made and they don’t take long, put the kettle on and have a nice cup of tea with a warm muffin. Try and wait just a little as the chocolate can burn your mouth.  A litle tartness from the rhubarb, sweet vanilla hit of the custard and the unique taste of good quality, white chocolate.  I was so surprised as I never eat white and pink cakes if I can help it… Of course if you hate rhubarb,  experiment with another fruit, I thought pineapple might be a good one to try too.

Can you resist?