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Walk at Westonbirt Arboretum

Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire has a magnetic pull on anyone wanting a Sunday walk on a cold bright November afternoon.

This is their busiest time of year and the acers are so busy being photographed that they barely have time to let another brilliant yellow leaf flutter delicately to the ground.

Zeb and his sister are in heaven here, no mountain bikes, no cars, the odd deep and muddy hole, grass and turf, leaves to tumble and other dogs to meet. Dogs are welcome in the Silk Wood and we dog walkers are very grateful indeed for their hospitality. Those of you who don’t like dogs have the old Arboretum to walk in untroubled by them too. Something for everyone here.

It’s a wonderful and magical place, full of peace, light, dappled shade, extraordinary trees, a friendly plant centre, a franchished restaurant/tea room which is OK, children’s play spaces, lots of events if you like them, workshops, all sorts goes on there.

Go for the jewel colours of the Autumn display, sneak off away from the main paths and wander across the badger sets, and look for butterflies and fungi, pose with trees, they’ve seen it all I imagine, and just have a lovely time.

I guess I should explain this one; it’s one of the nine visible entrances  to an enormous badger set (or sett) , not far from one of the main paths through the Arboretum, we reckoned the set covered an area at least twenty metres across, maybe more. Fortunately most poodles are not interested in going underground to explore.

All photos copyright Brian J Kent. All rights reserved. Taken with a Cannon Powershot G10.