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Ham Hock and Kale Soup

IMG_0447.JPGOn Saturday we made soup. It was a joint effort. I stared out into the garden (it was a cold day inside and out as misted window panes were being finally replaced and so it was like living in a barn as the saying goes)  and noticed that there was still a small cluster of dwarf kale plants in the raised bed. Continue reading

Soup Construction

  • Tomato stock – from roasting tomatoes and garden herbs for passata
  • Chicken stock – from roasting chickens
  • Leek thinnings – from transplanting leeks
  • and a couple of big leeks
  • Sticks of celery – found in fridge
  • Carrots – ditto
  • Spinach – leftover from Ottolenghi chickpea and butternut squash dish
  • A handful of Cooked chickpeas – ditto
  • End of parmesan, grated

Sweat leeks, carrots and celery in a little good olive oil and butter, add stocks, throw in the chickpeas and spinach and sprinkle with parmesan.

Toast from strange sourdough that started out as being for pizza, (made with some of the tomato stock as above) but owing to major mistaken identity moment turned into this:-

Smile even though you have messed up!

Surprisingly baked up to make this:-

Look at you guys!

Close up:-

Not bad!

For the curious: the crumb shot!

Don’t you just love it when the dough forgives you?