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Potato Masala Dosa with Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic LeavesIn the woods the wild garlic is growing once again and we picked some the other day making delicious pesto with it. We had pasta with mushrooms and garlic pesto, and then used up the leftovers in a yellow pea soup  one lunchtime.

Today I collected another handful and added it to the mix for the spicy potato masala for my second attempt at scratch making dosas. I spent a wonderful day recently with Gill the Painter in her kitchen and we made dosa together as it was pancake day. Gill is an expert cook as some of you probably know!

I came home full of enthusiasm and motivation and rooted around in my garage and found much to my surprise that I had most of the ingredients sitting in a box.  Last year I had a conversation with Max Artist, (who has an alter ego called Max Cake Baker and Caterer)  about dosa making and he had recommended Vahchef’s YouTube videos. I remember watching them and I must have gone out and bought the dals, and then…ahem… not done it. Maybe I got distracted, who knows?

Dosa is a name that covers a whole range of pan cooked goodies made from a fermented batter.  There are thin crispy ones  – some completely enormous and shaped like cones or fans called paper dosa – then there are lacy ones with chunks of onions – rava dosa – thick soft ones – kerala dosa,  dosa made with rice, with lentils or dal, and ones made with wheat. There are green dosa, there are dosa eaten with fresh coconut chutney, with sambal, with mutton curry. Getting hungry yet?

They are a staple in southern India, eaten at home for breakfast and for supper,  and they are just great! For the recipes and instructions read on…

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