Crummock Water, Cumbria

On the way to my Dad's old house

I am avoiding doing the things I should be doing. That means I am not even doing the things that I could be doing for fun, like baking, because I should be doing something else. So I am just extending the avoiding a little longer, by looking through my photographs…

7 thoughts on “Avoiding

  1. C

    I understand that sentiment perfectly. I know I ought to just get on with whatever is hanging and looming over me so that I can spend the rest of my time doing enjoyable things but just can’t bring myself to start it.

    Hope you can tackle your dreaded task soon so you can get back to enjoying your baking!

  2. heidiannie

    you just described my life.
    Only now I have a new baby to use as an avoidance excuse! Love the picture, Joanna!

  3. drfugawe

    So what’s the problem? Your soul is crying out for beauty, and you’re feeding it – now your soul is refreshed – can the work you’re avoiding do the same?

  4. sallybr

    Sometimes we need to take our time and avoid everything that can be avoided… why not just enjoy the ride? You will be back in the swing of things soon… very soon!

    Have a great weekend…

  5. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    How nice you all are! I have dusted the desk I designated work desk, put everything that was on it, on the windowsill. I know I should have put that stuff away but that would have been more avoidance tactics. Got the relevant files out, got the spreadsheet out, had one last cup of tea…. anyway I’ve focussed and am doing slowly but surely. Writing this ‘aside’ made me realise how avoiding was stopping me from doing anything productive. Interesting side effect of blogging :)

  6. cityhippyfarmgirl

    As the queen of avoiding and procrastinating…oh I hear you. So, now I’m going to reflect awhile on your picture again instead of doing the things I should be doing.

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