Poodle draws winning ticket!

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Somewhat dubiously I offered Zeb the bowl with your names all folded up. He sat, he waited and on the word ” OK’, he dived into the bowl and came out with a name which he took back to bed. He doesn’t wake up properly till midday.

Drfugawe let me have your address, you can use the contact form in the menu bar,  and I will send you the Fiori! Congratulations!

PS Just tried to lighten up the photos and seem to have got doubles in the slide show. Will try to fix later.

13 thoughts on “Poodle draws winning ticket!

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Zeb is a great believer in my generosity! Thinking about how he reacted, I deduce : I offered him a bowl associated with food, so optimistically he took something out, took it back to bed to check it out and then put it down as it was too boring even to chew. If it moves, he will try and subdue it, like a clockwork toy or something of that ilk, and if it squeaks or has ears he will play with it for ever.

  1. drfugawe

    What? what? … is somebody talking to me? Oh, wow … that’s amazing!

    Sorry that it took me so long, but -for those of you who may not know- Saturday over here in the US is football day (you know, the football with pointed ends!), and I’m not to be disturbed on Saturdays! So, I apologize for being so slow on the uptake – many sincere thanks, Jo and Zeb.

    I must not let this occasion pass without telling you that I now know why it was that Zeb picked my name out of the bowl – Yup, dogs are much more perceptive than we as humans -in our superior posture- give them credit for. And I’m quite sure that Zeb could sense through that little slip of paper -even at this long distance- my own positive vibs toward dogs. What a smart dog! (I think Jo should train him how to find truffles out in the woods – I just know he’d be good at it.)

    Much appreciation, Jo and Zeb – now I need to get busy and learn how to use Fiori.

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