…and tonight for dinner we had

sea bass fillet
new potatoes
steamed spinach
Tomato hotch potch vegetables – made of a box of left over chilli tomato sauce found in the freezer,  leeks, garlic, courgette, red peppers, green beans and so on…

Does that sound reasonably healthy, the sort of dinner a person should eat who is trying,  if not exactly to lose weight, not to put on any more….?

and no pudding

It was very nice but I wish there was pudding…’s so cold and grey.

Come on weather! Get a move on; the birds are singing away like mad, the doves are cooing, the song thrushes are turning over the leaves,  the magpie juveniles are holding conferences on the football field, there are enough of them out there for a tournament: there are little teeny tiny buds on the plum trees:  and Zeb is in love with a Basset Hound called Issy… I can see what he finds attractive about her, a certain jaunty lilt to her walk… it must be Spring. Please, soon.  And in the meantime, I think pudding might have to be considered….

19 thoughts on “Suppertime

  1. Choclette

    Dinner sounds most constrained, but delicious. Don’t you think a little, teeny weeny bit of pudding would be OK? But spring is here, or at least knowing that spring is well on the way – saw so many flowers out last weekend including a few daffodils and the birds were singing their hearts out.

  2. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

    Dinner looks deliciously healthy, and quite Spring-like, even if it isn’t yet Spring! Maybe just a wee square of dark chocolate for dessert? After all, it’s supposedly very good for you in almost every way! :) Sigh..Zeb has a crush, but will it just be unrequited love from the end of two leashes?

      1. denise

        When suffering (and even when you’re not suffering) you should be kind to yourself – a little pudding …. that lovely sweet something you look forward to making/baking and, above all savouring and sharing, at the end of your meal is sooooo very good for the soul.

        p.s. (self-imposed (well, not really) absence will be explained later … promise)

  3. heidi

    Lovely supper- glad you got your small pudding at the end.
    Spring is on its way –
    it is just skipping merrily into all the side roads and taking a VERY long time in getting here!

  4. Christine

    I do enjoy a simple dinner and you had a very nice one there. You sound like I did in “technically” Spring last seemed to take aaages to arrive..hope you get your change of season soon! :)

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Yes I remember your Spring – I think it’s because the winter has felt long and cold this year, nothing like it is in the States of course. It will get brighter and lighter soon I am sure :)

  5. chocveg

    Hi Jo, I think spring might be there tomorrow for a day!!! Hope you get out and enjoy it. I’m out cutting willows on Friday, but I think rain and grey might be back for that! It will come, remember, if winter comes, can spring be far behind, or something!

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      I had a very muddy walk in the woods, there are green shoots everywhere, wild chives, unfurling leaves, children in wellies (half term) exploring the stream with panting labradors in tow…

      Hey Allison what’s with the willows? Is this a new hobby, basket weaving, hurdles, maintenance? Are you making your own bannetons ;) ?

      You’re right! Spring is coming, the birds are singing through the night – the way they do in noisy cities nowadays, particularly the robins trying to attract mates and define territories… it’s all systems go out there :)

  6. Nip it in the bud

    mmm, our kind of dinner :o) Sea bass is lovely but we can’t always get it in the supermarket (or afford it too often!). Fish fingers for dinner instead didn’t quite cut it as an alternative!

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      This shot is one of those funny angles, made the fish look huge, but in fact it was a small fillet. We had experimented with ordering fish online from Cornwall last month and we ordered their ‘box’ and it came with sea bass in it. I like fish fingers too ! :)

  7. drfugawe

    OK, sorry, but I’ve got to ask about the pudding – what exactly are you folks referring to when you say ‘Pudding’? From context, it sounds like pudding is a collective for dessert – Yes? Over here, pudding can be sweet or savory, but needs lots of eggs to make it custardy. Having said that, I guess we have non-egg puddings too, but they’re always soft and require a spoon.

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Ask away, I’m always happy to have a quick rant….

      Pudding ah pudding…. try this…. apparently it derives from an ancient Roman sausage….

      As far as I’m concerned ‘Pudding’ is what regular people call what posh pretentious people call ‘Dessert.’ A pudding is what a working man would have after his tea, dessert is what an upper class lady would have after her supper…. it’s a class thing from the last century in Brit English. But with the Americanization of the English language, ‘dessert’ is now more common and has lost its posh associations for all but oldies like me. So to say ‘pudding’ instead of ‘dessert’ is like saying napkin instead of serviette, or lav (lavatory) instead of toilet, it’s a declaration that you are not a snob and that you identify with the ordinary person on the street, out of date, antiquated but still saying I am no better than anyone else. The old English obsession with class distinction, I don’t think you have that, not after the Boston tea party. It gets more complicated, in that at a certain point in time in the last century, people who aspired to be middle class, from working class origins took up using words like settee for sofa, and serviette for napkin, as sounding French and therefore more cultured and upwardly mobile. Duly mocked and round and round it went…. See this wiki article on U and not U Nancy Mitford, Estuary English, Class indicators, etc etc mumble mumble…..

  8. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    An addendum to the pudding thing…

    So I asked Brian, who knows everything, what the difference was between pudding and dessert….

    “Pudding is always hot” said he, and then we wandered happily through a conversation about rice pudding, Yorkshire pudding, Black Pudding, Spotted Dick, Syrup Pudding, Eve’s Pudding, Black Pudding, Christmas Pudding and so on…

    Felt quite full by the end of the conversation :)

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