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…and tonight for dinner we had

sea bass fillet
new potatoes
steamed spinach
Tomato hotch potch vegetables – made of a box of left over chilli tomato sauce found in the freezer,  leeks, garlic, courgette, red peppers, green beans and so on…

Does that sound reasonably healthy, the sort of dinner a person should eat who is trying,  if not exactly to lose weight, not to put on any more….?

and no pudding

It was very nice but I wish there was pudding…..it’s so cold and grey.

Come on weather! Get a move on; the birds are singing away like mad, the doves are cooing, the song thrushes are turning over the leaves,  the magpie juveniles are holding conferences on the football field, there are enough of them out there for a tournament: there are little teeny tiny buds on the plum trees:  and Zeb is in love with a Basset Hound called Issy… I can see what he finds attractive about her, a certain jaunty lilt to her walk… it must be Spring. Please, soon.  And in the meantime, I think pudding might have to be considered….