A sort of ode

On Bristol’s Downs pink chestnut flowers
fall  like wedding confetti along the road,
above the saluting trees are ablaze
with candles in the soft grey almost sunlight
on the day our Prince marries his Kate
at last.

The kiss on that London balcony  –
half a nano second apart their eyes
peek from under closed lids as if
neither of them can quite believe
they’ve made it that far.

13 thoughts on “A sort of ode

  1. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

    Through the ancient arches
    the carriage vanished momentarily –
    hidden for a brief instant,
    their hands clasped; reassuring, comforting,
    finally, finally, they can relax;
    then back in the limelight,
    to smile, wave, rejoice with the masses.

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      I loved the thought of you tucked up watching this on the other side of the world, there were some amazing camera angles in there as they took the short cut through wherever it was, Horse Guards Parade, or somewhere. Every taxi drivers dream ;) Love the verse :)

  2. jan trounce

    I do love a good wedding – and that was gorgeous – my husband did a bit of eye-rolling but eventually even he was sitting down watching. I do hope life treats them well.

    1. jan trounce

      I noticed one ‘hat’ which looked like a tourquoise, double-tipped, parrot beak which appeared to be glued, vertically, to her forehead. The downward tip was right between her eyes- she must have been cross-eyed by the end of the day. If she had leaned closer to someone to hear what they were saying, they would have been calling for an ambulance.

      1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

        Are we referring to the redoutable Tara Palmer-Tomkinson? What a show stopper! The Guardian yesterday had a lovely piece about the wedding, trying hard to restrain its irony. Lovely lines about Elton John’s hair blowing in the wind and so on…

  3. heidi

    Everyone was celebrating over on this side of the pond, as well!
    And the hats? You should have seen some of the headwear the ladies from the South got themselves up in. NYC also had a big Brittainia party going on.
    Here is the Midwest, we just watched the news coverage.
    I did like the sweetness of the kiss on the balcony.
    Hoping all goes well with them!

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