C is for Doggerel

C for curiosity, computers and crumbs
Cherries, clafoutis and clouds
C is for Celia and C is for C
C is for crisps and cardoons

C is for childhood, C is for clothes
C is for circuses, clowns and cold toes
C is the curving back of the moon
C is for compost and chickens

C is for chocolate and C is for cake
C is for Camembert, Christmas and candles
C is for celery, C is for crackers
C is for carrots and C is for ……

Help! Any suggestions gratefully received… (two posts today to catch myself up)

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I could expand a little on the above now I’ve walked the dogs; Ready steady Go!

  • Computers take up a lot of my time and without one I guess I wouldn’t be blogging at all.
  • Crumbs are a source of joy when frying fish and making stuffing for rolled breast of lamb and then there are croutons of course.
  • Cherries are my favourite fruit after lemons and I finally made a cherry clafoutis yesterday from the HFW Everyday book. Mine came out like a stodgy Yorkshire pudding with cherries in it. I think I needed a wider dish so that the whole thing was more shallow. Another time maybe.
  • The cardoons grow in the garden and are full of dancing bees each August. I have never tried the elaborate business of tying up the stems to blanch them for those Italian dishes you read about. I once tried to cook them but they were far too bitter for me.
  • Crisps were my favourite food as a child, I survived the long journey to and from school on a diet of cheese and onion and smoky bacon crisps (chips to the Americans). Just writing the words now makes me salivate. Pavlov’s crisps.
  • The circus – we went at the weekend to a lovely circus at Frampton on Severn. I might try and do a little post about it soon if I can fit it in.
  • Cold toes, well not right now, but I spend a lot of time thinking about socks and slippers in the winter.
  • That shot of the moon was my best ever attempt and was entirely due to my new camera‘s clever zoomy thing, so I thought I’d show it off.
  • Compost we try and we compost all our uncooked and non meat food waste, some of the garden waste, the rest of which is recycled by our Council. The composter is home to many small flying beings and the ants do battle for supremacy in its dark and moist chambers. I leave them to it.
  • Chickens, I adore Celia’s chickens and was recently introduced to some very fine Bristolian ones, can’t see them happening here on account of Mr Fox who walks through our garden three or four times a day.
  • Chocolate, not much to say about that, except thank goodness for chocolate.
  • Cakes – still hit and miss but more of the hits of late.
  • Camembert rarely good in England but a cheese to aspire to.
  • Christmas and candles a long way off, we won’t worry about them right now.
  • Celery essential but I wish you could still get white properly earthed up celery in the shops, tasting of almonds and sweet rather than soapy.
  • Crackers for cheese and with Swedish smoked cod roe paste make a delicious snack at any time.
  • Carrots, I like them grated with lemon and mustard and pepper and oil.

That’s it, I feel better now I’ve told you that.

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18 thoughts on “C is for Doggerel

  1. C

    Oh, thank you for the link!

    I think C is a good letter (I would wouldn’t I ;-)), what with the cake and the chocolate and even, for me, the carrot! Plus the courgette, cheese and many others beside. I’m loving this series – it appeals to the curious side of me, to see what you’re going to post each day!!!

  2. Joanna Post author

    My dear Cs both, thank you for dropping by and leaving your kind words on this over effusive and wordy offering to the throbbing heart of blogworld. Thank you my cooking companions. May your cakes always rise and your crusts stay crunchy xx

    1. Joanna Post author

      Confession – I hardly ever drink coffee anymore. Cappucino gives me hiccups and I associate my old strong coffee habit with my old cigarette habit. Once in a while I grind some beans and make some good dark italian bean coffee ( I get it from the old Italian deli) but I really know I’ve drunk it afterwards, heart racing, temperature changes, the stuff you don’t notice when you drink it habitually. I’m a tea person these days. :)

    1. Joanna Post author

      :D Jane that’s a lovely comment to read before departing for the creative space under the duvet. Thank you! Hope to catch up with you tomorrow.

  3. heidi

    I’m not very clever this evening- but it is a pleasure to read your verse and follow in the wake of your conversations and lovely photography.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Thankyou dear Heidi. Thank you always for taking the time to comment, I’m trying to be serious but keep turning to silliness. I don’t know what that says about me though ;)

  4. emilysincerely

    Hi- I couldn’t wait – here I am checking in on your blog when I should be sleeping. I also shouldn’t be reading your “C” list….I only just posted my “A” list today (which is already your yesterday). I will be back, but I will read your “B” after I post mine. I will try to catch up. So many other things to do right now it seems. Sincerely, Emily

    1. Joanna Post author

      Hi Emily – Thanks for coming over! I hope you got some sleep and that we don’t all get exhausted doing this. There is always lots of other stuff to do. I might have to take an ‘h’ for holiday in the middle of this :)

  5. emilysincerely

    ok. I am back to reading your C, since that is only how far I am on my list. I love your little slid show. that is fantastic. Great photos. Great “C” words. Emily

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