D is for…


D is for Details

It’s all in the details…

but D is also for…..

DJ is the best nephew a person could have! All round good guy, puffle and poodle wrangler and there’s some fabulous interior design happening in his igloo at Club Penguin and it got me thinking…

…I think we need a Club Kitchen along the same lines. Not Second Life, too creepy, but a kitchen to fill with the latest gadgets, cupboards to stock, ovens to watch, teaparties, bun rolling competitions. Everyone could come, young and old, children and parents, dogs and cats, no health and safety, no people getting mad because a baby is crying. You could turn up as a celebrity chef if you felt the need. Though I can’t imagine one I’d like to be, apart from Keith Floyd or maybe the Galloping Gourmet.

I’d like to visit the Old Blog Library room round the corner from Club Kitchen where old bread blogs rise and fall, propped up by Kilner jars frothing over with levain, where the distilled wisdom of observation and imagery of a thousand garden bloggers is covered in a fine layer of pale green seedlings, jostling with the constantly restless travel blogs, the fluttering silks of the fashion blogs and the hum of the working science blogs.  And maybe there’s a Gorilla in there too, I’m straying into Terry Pratchett territory here though and will stop.

We repeat ourselves over and over, endlessly looking for the right words, a way to express something that matters, that makes sense of the world we inhabit, the inner space and the outer world melting into each other. It’s all in the details for Darthjelly in his igloo, and me in my library. I love the details!


Chiot’s Run lovely blog has organized the Alphabet in August.

Here’s a couple more to visit:

Misk Cooks – my poetic friend and Danish translator

and Emily, Sincerely who grows some amazing things in her garden to an English eye at least. I’m going back there soon too.

Edit: Curious how to make a Wordle?

17 thoughts on “D is for…

  1. Nip it in the bud

    another fab take on the alphabet challenge. I love wordles so forgive me if I nick your idea to create one later on in the month! I’ve only come up with one D so no ps. D’s that got away for me today!

    1. Joanna Post author

      Thanks M! I’ve edited above to add a link to my original Wordle Post for you and that has all the links and some ramshackle efforts on my part to explain/suggest how to transfer wordles to blogs. :)

      1. Misk Cooks

        Got it, and I’ve created one of my own. What fun!! Thanks for all the effort that you put into links and explanations and goodness knows what more … The words: Wow, gem, gosh and treasure come to mind. ;D

        1. Joanna Post author

          I think of myself more as a ‘jack russell’ ex teacher who won’t leave things alone till everyone ‘gets it’, but thanks I might rebrand myself as a treasure ;)

  2. heidi

    Wordles are perfect for this series. I thought you might go with an alliterative one- ALL starting with the letter of the day- perhaps a future letter?!
    D is for dough!

    1. Joanna Post author

      One wordle is enough for me I think this time round… but they are always worth playing with. I found a lovely wordle variation which made shapes in the forms of apples and stars and rabbits, but I think you need a Windows based computer to use the programme. :)

  3. Melanie

    Delightful post, these are so fun to read Joanna! Club kitchen is an excellent idea, I wish there could be a real life version, but maybe like a holodeck for something from Startrek. When I think of ‘D’ I naturally think of my wonderful husband, Dean, and my dog, Tucker.

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  5. Jan

    That was such fun Joanna. I love the idea of Club Kitchen – please, please can I be Digella? I love the idea of the old Blog Library room, I think it would like something like that beautiful old Pharmacy on BDL’s blog.

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