23 thoughts on “H is for Happiness

  1. Ann Hall

    Joanna, bless you for posting this one after all. As an ex-pat living in Australia I am horrified by what is happening in Britain. But that picture of Zeb in the water is a moment of happiness.

  2. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

    Darling, we are watching in horror from the other side of the world, but I didn’t realise the unrest had made it as far as your city. Stay safe and do take care, and know we’re thinking of you all. Knowing you and Brian makes me happy. xxx

    1. Joanna Post author

      Please don’t worry, burning buildings make dramatic news photos, people going sanely and responsibly about their business on the other hand don’t get the same coverage. xx to you too :)

  3. Misk Cooks

    Thanks for also sharing your ‘Happiness’ post. At this particular time, I feel it’s important to keep things balanced. Stupidity reigns at night it seems, but the day still belongs to us.

  4. heidi

    I like all the responses above, especially Misk’s – the day does belong to us.
    I like to think of happiness as a necklace of moments we string together as we make the choice to be happy. To let go of the burdens that we can’t truly bear and take up the joy of the moment. I love that picture of you- I shall think of you in that moment of happiness, often.

    1. Joanna Post author

      I like your image of a necklace Heidi – I don’t know that I can choose to be happy, but I know I can choose not to be angry, then sometimes the happiness arrives of itself :)

  5. Anet

    Happiness is downloading “Having fun with Bert and Ernie” for all the ‘kids’ — yeah to the happy moments where ever.
    Keep up the good cheer, we’re all rooting for the sensible peoples!

    1. Joanna Post author

      I don’t know Bert and Ernie, but I am going to find out who they are ! Thanks for dropping by Anet :)

      Edit: Actually I do know Bert and Ernie, just didn’t know their names, may I say ‘Doh!” :)

  6. emilysincerely

    Happiness. Your post is very thought provoking. It makes me stop and think about happiness and all it can be, even when other very powerful things are happening in each of our lives. Happiness can come when I walk out back just to see the little minnows I put in the water garden a few days ago. It makes me smile. Thank you for a great post. Happiness can be big and happiness can be small. Emily

    1. Joanna Post author

      Hi Emily, I would like to visit with you and see your baby minnows enjoying their new home, there is huge happiness in other lives, whether they are human or those of the beings that share the planet with us :)

  7. cityhippyfarmgirl

    I saw on the map last night that things were also happening in your city. So disappointed with seeing people act in this way. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be there.

    Happiness is indeed in a beautiful memory and it looks to me that photo captured the moment perfectly. You look serenely happy.

    …and Joanna, by the time you get to the end of the alphabet, anything less than “mumbling into your handbag in your mother tongue” would be disappointing.

    1. Joanna Post author

      I am my mother’s daughter, been mumbling away for years to anyone who will listen, though my Danish is almost non existent for the full effect. Glad you like the picture. We are high above the lake (the one Zeb is splashing in on the header).

      We’ll see where the next days and weeks take us. I hope something good comes out of this, though hard to see at times.

  8. Keely

    Thanks for such a thought-provoking post. It’s only recently I’ve realised happiness sometimes creeps up on you unexpectedly (but it’s always welcome!). Stay safe.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Hi Keely, I was just visiting your blog, big life changes going on! I am going to settle down later this morning and catch up with your stories and have a good read.

      Interestingly there were more hits on the blog yesterday than ever, but very few comments. It’s all a bit mysterious and I wouldn’t know why…

      Anyway, reading your comment reminded me of this….

      “The sun set slowly; dusk wandered across the realm, walked behind them on the road, a silver-haired stranger with night at his back, his face always towards the dawn.

      Peace, tremulous, unexpected, sent a taproot out of nowhere into Morgan’s heart.”

      From Harpist in the Wind by Patricia McKillip

  9. emilydev9

    Thanks for this, Joanna (and hello, Oscar the Grouch!). I’m feeling a bit rough this morning, thanks to the weight and confusion of events and considering what my response should be, so your words offer needed perspective. Be well.

    Emily x

    1. Joanna Post author

      I hope you find a path through your thoughts Emily. Thank you for reading and stay well too :)

  10. Matt Bourne

    Hi Joanna, we met on Dan’s forum – you helped me find a restaurant in Bristol once :)

    Love your Happiness dharma,


    1. Joanna Post author

      Hi Matt, lovely to hear from you. That was the Olive Shed, wasn’t it? We went there the other day when we were looking at the Gorillas and sat outside and watched the passsers-by. Good tapas!

  11. Matt Bourne

    Yes, it was the Olive Shed, really nice place. We had a crisp December evening in Bristol – tapas and then on to the dodgems over by the Arnolfini.

    (We were back recently installing the huge wall graphic at ssgb cafe recently).

    Warm wishes,


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