H is for Horrible

This is not a good time right now. I was up most of the night worrying. There was trouble in my city too and I am at a loss in many ways to explain to those of you who don’t live in Great Britain what is going on. It is hard enough to understand it from here.

I hope my friends in London are safe and that the Government, holding emergency meetings today, (Cameron finally having managed to return from holiday last night) will come up with a positive strategy for dealing with these troubles.

I have been on protests in my time, but I have never indulged in any violence to people or property and I am dismayed by what is going on.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in our lovely capital city and the other cities where we normally live in peace together.

Our police are not routinely armed, they don’t carry guns without special permission. All this will change and our world will be a less safe place as a result if these riots carry on.

Please don’t comment asking me to explain, because I can’t.

10 thoughts on “H is for Horrible

  1. bagnidilucca

    I thought of you when I heard there was rioting in Bristol. I seems unbelievable that this could be happening. I hope you are safe.

    1. Joanna Post author

      If you didn’t have a tv and stayed indoors and worked in the garden you wouldn’t know that there was anything going on. We all know too much and yet not enough to act sensibly.

  2. Amanda

    Joanna, I have been so saddened and worried to see what is happening in your cities. These aren’t protests – they just seem like rampant thuggery and I hope it ends very soon. My thoughts are with you.

    1. Joanna Post author

      I was listening on the radio just now and someone was saying it was mostly very young people, girls and boys and it’s mostly about looting shops. What started out as a protest maybe has been turned into something else.

  3. Jeannette

    I feel as despondent as you do, Joanna, what is happening to our country? I heard that overnight there was trouble in Liverpool also, it is quite near to us, in fact that is where I took my laptop last week. I hope all this unrest is over very soon as I am sure most people do.

  4. heidi

    We don’t have rioting, yet- nonetheless- it is rather horrible out there. In my small town 8 people were gunned down by a madman on Sunday.
    No reason, that anyone can point to- just too many guns available to too many people. I am praying for the people of England, and for sensible people everywhere to choose to do and act rightly. It is so easy to choose violence and to go along with a mob.

    1. Joanna Post author

      That’s awful I am so sorry Heidi, and because our heads are full of our own woes here we haven’t even heard of this shooting yet.

      I will pray in my own way along with you.

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