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Licata – the quest for semola di grano duro rimacinata

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Just under £6 for a 5 kilo bag. I’m happy! And I got supplies of all sorts of other goodies too, proper mortadella with pistachio nuts, fennel salami, espresso coffee beans, biscotti,  pasta,  mozarella, pecorino, carcioffi, olives, anshovellies….

C & T Licata & Son Ltd, 36 Picton Street, Montpelier, Bristol BS6 5QA
in case anyone’s wondering where this is….

Tel No:  0117 9247725.

Cold Water

I’ve just been for my first swim of the year in Henleaze Lake – a cool 16.5 º C – hardly Bondi Beach and not what I call warm. But my friend had been and I thought this was getting a bit ridiculous, what’s the point of joining a club, waiting for years to climb up the waiting list if you don’t actually go. Shopping was what was required, so I went to Beachshack and bought a shortie wetsuit today.

Arriving at the Lake, the wind blowing in the willows, the water looked decidedly chilly. Someone was sweeping up, and there were a few people around, one woman cheerfully swimming out past the sculpture towards the lily pads.

I wrestled with the long zip taggy thing in the changing room and feeling more than a bit like Captain Blimp, walked over the grass to the long steps down to the water…..

…And then I was in, the wetsuit really does work, I was most impressed, though I couldn’t swim very fast as it really was a bit cold for me. I swam down to the pontoon and then back again and got out. That’s enough for a first swim. I hope it warms up a bit more than this!

My reward?  Crispy duck with pancakes for supper. Bring it on!

A sort of ode

On Bristol’s Downs pink chestnut flowers
fall  like wedding confetti along the road,
above the saluting trees are ablaze
with candles in the soft grey almost sunlight
on the day our Prince marries his Kate
at last.

The kiss on that London balcony  –
half a nano second apart their eyes
peek from under closed lids as if
neither of them can quite believe
they’ve made it that far.