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Who is this? A little puzzle!

This is the trouble with hot nights. One reads one’s friends’ blogs. One wanders off across the internet to other blogs, and before you know it, you are making jigsaw puzzles.

Thanks to Time Thief and Panos and the jigsawsite (links below). You are so generous with your knowledge and make it easy for people like me to play and have fun late at night.

So just this once, here is a jigsaw puzzle on the blog, and it is not a poodle..

Online jigsaw puzzles from JigsawSite.com

and now the voice that speaks on the computer and calls out the half hour in an attempt to make me not sit here for too long tells me it’s 1 a.m. So hot or not I had better try to get some sleep.

… no spoilers…

Helpful tips (added following morning) : The puzzle has 25 pieces, is a square and the finished puzzle takes up maybe a 1/4 to a 1/3 of the frame and you can use the buttons at the top to stop and start and rewind I think. And I love you whatever your time or even if you don’t do it at all. It’s only for fun! PS It doesn’t work on an iPad, I don’t lnow if it only works on a desktop computer, sorry if you can’t see it. I will put the photo in a post tomorrow, Joanna

Feed the birds, tuppence a cake

These silicone moulds are pretty good for making your own bird cake.

Melt fat and pour over a mixture of the things your local birds like eating. Mine have sunflower seeds and hearts, niger seed for the goldfinches, chopped peanuts, and an assortment of seeds and bits and pieces. Fill your silicon mould up. Leave in a cold place. Outside the back door in our case. They froze so fast they have got this cute snowflake edge!

Pop the cakes out and serve on your raised veg bed, or punch a hole through and string them up somewhere and keep putting out water, the birds will really appreciate it.

The dog food company where we order the dried dog food decided to send Zeb a free advent calendar. This is a new one on me!  He of course, thinks it is a great idea! What will the pet food industry think of next?


On the first day of Christmas there was tripe for me!