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Kombucha Scones – Scone Days of August

Mise en Place for Kombucha Scones

There are some things that go on in this kitchen that make me wonder sometimes – but I have a weak spot for fermentation projects, though I don’t make wine or beer. Blame the sourdough, it started it all off, things bubbling in jars here and there.  It has opened my eyes though to the role of bacteria and fungi in our foods and it’s always nice to learn new stuff and experiment a little. Continue reading

I is for….

Light and fluffy scones international scone week

I is for….. International Scone Week!

I was going to do a deeply serious post

‘No!  no, not another one’

begged the iMac

and for once I listened. So you have been spared my learned treatise on etymology and the roots of words like inspiration  = in + breathe  and another one that took my fancy last night : integrity – from the word ‘integer’ meaning ‘untouched, undivided, a complete entity’ . I can hear the yawns, bad idea wasn’t it?

…but it will be much more fun to make Scones along with the Inspirational and Imaginative iScone Team! Continue reading