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Hot from the press of the inverse cook….

The Grunkorn Karotten Brot I made at the Dales Dough Do from Nils's recipe

Nils has produced a wonderful thing, an ‘e-book’ stuffed full of his finest recipes and photos and baking tips. So if your ryes are not all you think they should be and you want some fantastic recipes or inspiration as to what to bake next, I recommend that you nip over to his blog and download his ‘ebook’. There’s all sorts of goodies in there!
Hand on my heart, he is one of the best bakers around!

I owe my all time favourite  rye bread to him after all.

I have never re-blogged a post before but here goes….

The mentioned e-book, a collection of recipes from the blog, is ready to be viewed. I never thought it would reach this state and I am glad I can finally share it with everyone. It contains recipes and a chapter with baking tips. Every recipe has at least one picture of the finished loaf. Instead of keeping an errata page, I will correct errors and upload the new version on this page. You can download it for free from the following link: Nils’s B … Read More

via ye olde bread blogge

How much do I love this bread? – Nils’ 60/40 ryebread

A lot!  Thank you Nils and Ye Olde Breade Blogge for this wonderful formula!  When in doubt make this one….it always behaves beautifully and  boosts your rye bread making confidence.  It’s more rye than the light deli rye but not as seriously rye as some. Nils calls it ‘ze 60/40 rye’.  A great introduction to rye breads for people who want to try their hand at making it, but aren’t quite sure where to start…

I use half and half light and dark rye usually to approximate the German rye flour that Nils uses. Sometimes I make the starter with the light rye and add the dark rye to the dough or vice versa.  It works very well :)

Extra pic for Blue:  Here is the dough fully proved and turned out from its form and slashed, it was quite firm enough to hold its shape at this point in time, didn’t spread out or anything….