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Whole Wheat Whole Rye Sourdough Hybrid Mellow Bakers Baking

Whole Wheat and Whole Rye Bread for Mellow Bakers

Whole Wheat Whole Rye Sourdough Hybrid Mellow Bakers Baking

This bread’s given name is a classic example of not really telling the whole story, because it has a substantial proportion of high gluten (bakers/very strong) flour in it as well:  50% high-gluten flour, 25% rye, and 25% whole-wheat.  Without the high gluten flour it would look and feel quite different. The rye is all made into the pre-ferment and the white flour and the whole-wheat flour are added when you mix the dough.

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Sourdough Sunday

Queueing for the toaster

Wholemeal, rye, wheat, levain

Light and airy - use very strong flour for the wheat component

Alternatively use half and half yoghurt/water for...

... a golden slice of soft white toast

and then nip round the garden, toast in one hand, mug of tea in the other and look at what’s growing in the flower beds…

More of these than last year!

Pear blossom unfurling catching up with Allison!

Have a peaceful and thoughtful Sunday everyone x

Brown Bread (Jeffrey Hamelman’s Whole Wheat)

Whole wheat Jeffrey HamelmanI’m going to start by being pernickety. This bread, and the two variations in this section of Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman, are confusingly called Whole Wheat breads.  They are in fact made with 50% wholegrain flour and 50 % strong white bread flour. In England the term wholemeal is used to describe a bread made only with wholegrain flour and it is one of the few bread names that is covered by legislation.

Here this bread would be called maybe light wheaten bread, or in an old fashioned sort of way, simply ‘Brown Bread’ and that is what I am going to call it in this post. Continue reading