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P is for Plums

P is for Plums, Poodles, Peas, Pancakes, Potatoes, Pumpkins, Potager, Present and Past, Possibilities, Principles, Palaver, Print, Plumpness and Poetry. I think I’m going to plump for Plums!

I love them you see, particularly English ones, like early Victorias with their yellow and pink speckled skins and their greenish insides, little wild mirabelles gathered from ornamentals in the park, or just plucked from a tree branch overhanging the street,  eaten fresh as they are, or in a plum sorbet, or baked in a crumble, as a cake topping, ruby jam liquifying on a buttery crumpet in the middle of winter, or spicy in a chutney with roast potatoes….

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